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Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions: DSb

  In ca.521, the Persian king Darius I the Great ordered that a new alphabet, the Aryan script, was to be developed. This was used for a small corpus of inscriptions, known as the Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions. An overview of all inscriptions can be found here.
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DSb, inscription on a brick from Susa

[Old Persian inscription on two brick. One of these bricks is complete. The text is identical to DSy.]

  1. adam \ Dârayavau
  2. š \ xšâyathiya
  3. \ vazraka \ xšâya
  4. thiya \ xšâyathi
  5. yânâm \ xšâya
  6. thiya \ dahyunâ
  7. m \ xšâyathiya \
  8. haruvahyâya \
  9. bumiyâ \ Višt
  10. âspahyâ \ puça
  11. \ Haxâmanišiya
I am Darius, the great king, king of kings, king of all nations, king of the entire earth, the son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid.
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