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Alexander's visit to Troy

Detail of the Alexander mosaic, found in Pompeii. National Archaeological Museum, Naples (Italy). In May 334, Alexander invaded Asia. The first town he reached was Troy, where he brought sacrifices to the homeric heroes. The Greek author Plutarch of Chaeronea, describes the events in section 15 of his Life of Alexander

The translation was made by M.M. Austin.

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Kesik tepe, perhaps the tomb of Achilles. Photo Marco Prins.
Kesik tepe: perhaps the tomb of Achilles
Alexander went up to Troy, sacrificed to Athena and poured a libation to the heroes. At the tomb of Achilles, after anointing himself with oil and taking part in a race naked with his Companions, as is the custom, he deposited crowns and remarked how fortunate Achilles was to have had a faithful friend while he was alive and a great herald of his fame after his death. While he was going sightseeing about the town someone asked him whether he wanted to see the lyre of Alexander [i. e. Paris]; he replied that he was not interested in that one, but was looking for the lyre of Achilles, to which he used to sing the glorious deeds of brave heroes.
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