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Gold coin of Anthemius. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien (Austria). Photo Jona Lendering.
Anthemius (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien)
Anthemius: emperor of the West-Roman empire (467-472).

c.420: Procopius Anthemius
12 April 467: recognized as emperor by the Senate
11 July 472: murdered by Ricimer

Successor of: Libius Severus


  • father: Procopius
  • married to: A daughter of Marcianus
  • children: A daughter, married to Ricimer; a son named Marcianus; a grandon of Anthemius was executed during the reign of Justinian
Main deeds:
  • 455 Consul (with Valentinian III consul VIII)
  • 467 Arrives from the east with support of the emperor Leo I; recognized by the Senate
  • 468 Consul II (without colleague); Leo's expedition against the Vandals fails; at the same time, Anthemius' expedition against the Visigoths of Tolosa -in cooperation with Riotamus, king of the Britons- ends in disaster
  • 472 Ricimer takes Rome; Anthemius is killed by Ricimer's son Gundobad; collapse of Roman power in the west
Succeeded by: Olybrius
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