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Antigonus II Gonatas

Coin of Antigonus Gonatas. Archaeological Museum of Antalya (Turkey). Photo Jona Lendering.
Coin of Antigonus Gonatas (Archaeological Museum of Antalya)
Antigonus II Gonatas ('knock-knees') (c.277-239): king of ancient Macedonia, ruled 283-239.


Main deeds:

  • 288: Joint attack on Macedonia by Lysimachus and Pyrrhus of Epirus; king Demetrius I Poliorcetes abandons Europe and attacks Lysimachus' Asian possessions; he marches to the east, fails, and surrenders to Seleucus
  • Antigonus left in Europe
  • 283: Death of Demetrius, still in Asia
  • 281: Seleucus invades Lysimachus' realm; defeats him at Corupedium; Seleucus murdered by Ptolemy Keraunos, who becomes king of Macedonia.
  • 279: Ptolemy Keraunos killed by the Galatians, who proceed to Greece and capture Delphi (text)
  • 277: Antigonus defeats the Galatians and becomes king of Macedonia
  • 276: Marriage with Phila II (daughter of his sister Stratonice I and Seleucus I Nicator)
  • 272: Invasion of Macedonia by Pyrrhus, who continues to Greece and is killed in a street fight in Argos
  • Antigonus establishes strong garrisons in Corinth, Chalkis, and Athens
  • 267: Chremonidian War: Athens and king Areus of Sparta try to liberate Greece; they are supported by Ptolemy II Philadelphus
  • 263: Antigonus captures Athens
  • 261: End of the Chremonidian war
  • 260: Outbreak of the Second Syrian War between Ptolemy II Philadelphus and Antiochus II Theos
  • 255: Antigonus defeats Ptolemy near Kos
  • Late 250s: Crown prince Demetrius II marries Stratonice II (daughter of Antiochus II Theos and Laodice I); they will have no children
  • 249: Revolt of Alexander of Corinth; Corinth independent
  • 245: During the Laodicean War (or Third Syrian War), the Macedonians attack Ptolemaic possessions in the Aegean Sea (battle of Andros), and gain the Cyclades
  • Mid 240s: Engagement or brief marriage of crown prince Demtrius to Nicaea, daughter of the deceased Alexander of Corinth; her dowry is Corinth, which again becomes part of Macedonia
  • 243: Aratus, leader of the Achaean League, supported by Ptolemy III Euergetes, captures Corinth
  • Antigonus makes his son Demetrius co-ruler
  • 239: Death
Succeeded by: Demetrius II, the online home of Ancient Warfare magazine

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