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Antiochus I Soter

Antiochus I Soter as crown prince. Coin from the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara (Turkey). Photo Marco Prins.
Coin of Antiochus I Soter (Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara)
Antiochus I Soter ("the savior"): name of a Seleucid king, ruled from 281 to 261.

Successor of: Seleucus I Nicator


Main deeds:
  • 301: Present during the Battle of Ipsus
  • 294/293: marriage with his father's wife Stratonice I
  • 292: made co-regent and satrap of Bactria (perhaps Seleucus was thinking of the ancient Achaemenid office of mathišta)
  • Stay in Babylon (on several occasions?), where he showed an interest in the cults of Sin and Marduk, and in the rebuilding of the Esagila and Etemenanki
  • September 281: death of Seleucus (more...); accession of Antiochus; Philetaerus of Pergamon buys back Seleucus' corpse
  • 280-279: Brief war against Ptolemy II Philadelphus (First Syrian War, first part); Cappadocia becomes independent when its leader Ariarathes II and his ally Orontes III of Armenia defeat the Seleucid general Amyntas
  • 279: Intervention in Greece: soldiers sent to Thermopylae to fight against the Galatians; they are defeated
  • 275 Successful "Elephant Battle" against the Galatians; they enter his army as mercenaries; Antiochus is called Soter, 'victor'
  • 274-271: Unsuccessful war against Ptolemy (First Syrian War, second part)
  • 268: Stay in Babylonia; rebuilding of the Ezida in Borsippa
  • 266: Execution of his son Seleucus
  • 263: Eumenes I of Pergamon, successor of Philetaerus, declares himself independent
  • 262: Antiochus defeated by Eumenes
  • Dies 2 June 261
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Coin of Antiochus I. Archaeological museum, Antioch (Turkey). Photo Marco Prins.
Coin of Antiochus I Soter (Archaeological museum, Antioch)
Succeeded by: Antiochus II Theos



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