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Antiochus V Eupator

Coin of Antiochus V Eupator.
Antiochus V Eupator
Antiochus V Eupator ('of a noble father'): name of a Seleucid king, ruled from 164 to161.

Successor of: Antiochus IV Epiphanes


Main deeds:
  • 173: Born
  • Spring 164: Appointed as co-regent by Antiochus IV Epiphanes, before he leaves for his Iranian campaign
  • November/December 164: death of Antiochus IV; Antiochus V becomes king; Lysias acts as regent and Philip as adviser
  • 163: the Romans recognize Antiochus V, against his uncle Demetrius, who is living as a hostage in Rome
  • Revolt of Timarchus of Miletus, governor of Media
  • 162: Successful war against the rebellious Judaeans: Antiochus and Lysias defeat Judas Maccabaeus at Beth-Zechariah
  • Revolt of Philip in Antioch
  • 162: Peace treaty between the Seleucid Empire and Judah; favorable terms for the latter because the Seleucid forces are needed in Antioch and Media
  • 162: A Roman ambassador, Octavius, demands that the Seleucid navy is disbanded because its existence is a violation of the terms of the Peace of Apamea; the Antiochene mob kills Octavius; the Senate states that Antiochus V is responsible; several senators help Demetrius escape
  • after 29 October 162: Antiochus and Lysias are overthrown and killed by Demetrius (probably in the summer of 161)
Succeeded by: Demetrius I Soter


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