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Antiochus VI Dionysus

Coin of the Seleucid king Antiochus VI Epiphanes. Altes Museum, Berlin (Germany). Photo Jona Lendering.
Antiochus VI Dionysus (Altes Museum, Berlin)
Antiochus VI Dionysus: name of a Seleucid king, ruled from 145/144 to 140.

Successor of: Alexander I Balas


Main deeds:
  • Born c.147
  • 145/144: The child's father is dethroned by Demetrius II Nicator, but the boy's life is saved by Diodotus Tryphon, who proclaims him king
  • 141 or 140: Killed by Diodotus, who claims the throne for himself
Succeeded by: Diodotus Tryphon


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