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Antoninus Pius

Bust of Antoninus Pius. Agora Museum, Athens (Britain). Photo Marco Prins.
Antoninus Pius (Agora Museum, Athens)
Antoninus Pius: emperor of the Roman world (138-161).


  • 19 September 86: Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius (Arrius?) Antoninus 
  • 25 January 138: Imperator Titus Aelius Caesar Hadrianus Antoninus 
  • 10 July 138: Imperator Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus
  • 7 March 161: natural death
Successor of: Hadrian


  • father: Aurelius Fulvius
  • mother: Arria Fadilla
  • married to: Faustina I
  • children: Marcus Aurelius Fulvius Antoninus, Marcus Galerius Aurelius Antoninus, Aurelia Fadilla, Faustina II (married to Marcus Aurelius)

Early career:

Main deeds:

  • 138 Succeeds Hadrian; accepts the title Pius
  • 139 Consul II (with Gaius Bruttius Praesens); victory over the Brigantes by Lollius Urbicus; apotheosis of Hadrian
  • 140 Consul III (with Marcus Aurelius, caesar)
  • 141 Death of Faustina I
  • 144 Outbreak of war against the Moors
  • 145 Consul IV (with with Marcus Aurelius II, caesar); dedication of Temple of Hadrian; Antoninus' daughter Faustina II marries Marcus Aurelius
  • 148 Celebration of Rome's ninth centennial; Decennalia; debasement of the denarius
  • 152 End of the Moorish war
  • 157 Operations in Dacia; accepts the titles Germanicus and Dacicus
  • 158 Vicennalia
  • 159 Reorganization of Dacia
  • 160 Risings in Africa suppressed
  • 161 Death

Succeeded by: Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus

Contemporary events:

  • c.140 Ptolemy of Alexandria's Almagest
  • 144 Marcion of Sinope excommunicated
  • 151 An earthquake destroys Mytilene and Smyrna
  • 155 Execution of Polycarpus of Smyrna
  • 156 Beginning of the career of Montanus
  • 161 Gaius, Institutiones


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