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Appian's History of Rome: The Illyrian Wars

Legionary standard (of XXX Ulpia Traiana reenactment group). Photo Jona Lendering.
Appian of Alexandria (c.95-c.165) is the author of a Roman History and one of the most underestimated of all Greek historians. Although only his books on the Roman Civil Wars survive in their entirety, large parts of other books have also come down to us. The Illyrian wars, which were part of the book on the Macedonian wars, belong to these better preserved parts. They are a valuable source for the history of the western Balkan peninsula.

The translation was made by Horace White; additions in green by Jona Lendering.

There are two systems to divide the Illyrian Wars: in thirty sections or five chapters. On these webpages, the text is divided into sections; the following table shows the division into chapters.

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1 §1: Size of Illyria
§2: Mythological origins of the Illyrians
§3: Early history of the Illyrian tribes
§4: Illyrian blasphemers punished by the Cimbri
§5: Illyrian blasphemers punished by the Romans
§6: Remark about topography
2 §7: First Illyrian War
§8: Second Illyrian War
§9: Third Macedonian War
§10: Later conflicts
§11: Figulus' Dalmatian campaign
3 §12: Julius Caesar and the Illyrians; defeat of Gabinius
§13: The Dalmatians remain independent
§14: The Pannonians on the Danube
§15: Appian's incertitude
4 §16: Overview of Augustus' pacification of Illyricum
§17: The Romans attack the Salassi
§18: Augustus attacks the Iapydes
§19: Augustus besieges Metulus
§20: Augustus wounded
§21: Sack of Metulus
§22: Augustus attacks the Segestani
§23: Augustus attacks the Segestanian capital
§24: Capture of the capital of the Segestani
5 §25: Augustus attacks the Dalmatians
§26: Capture of Promona
§27: Capture of Sunodium
§28: Other Roman victories
§29: Conquest of the Mysians
§30: Conquest of the Mysians
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