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Appian's History of Rome: The Mithridatic Wars

Legionary standard (of XXX Ulpia Traiana reenactment group). Photo Jona Lendering.
Appian of Alexandria (c.95-c.165) is the author of a Roman History and one of the most underestimated of all Greek historians. Although only his books on the Roman Civil Wars survive in their entirety, large parts of other books have also come down to us. Fortunately, the Mithridatic wars belong to these better preserved parts. They are a very valuable source for the history of the Roman expansion in what is now called Turkey.

The translation was made by Horace White; additions in green by Jona Lendering.

There are two systems to divide the Mithridatic Wars: in 121 sections or 17 chapters. On these webpages, the text is divided into sections; the following table shows the division into chapters.

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King Mithridates VI of Pontus as Heracles. Louvre, Paris (France). Photo Marco Prins.
Mithridates VI as Heracles (Louvre)
1 1: Topographical introduction
2: King Prusias II of Bithynia
3: Prusias unsuccessfully attacks Attalus of Pergamon
4: Conspiracy against Prusias
5: Nicomedes becomes king of Bithynia
6: War between Nicomedes and Prusias
7: Death of Prusias
2 8: Early history of Cappadocia
9: Mithridates I Ktistes
10: Mithridates VI Eupator and Cappadocia
11: Manius Aquilius provokes war
12: Speech of Pelopidas
13: Speech of an envoy from Nicomedes
14: Duplicity of the Roman legates
3 15: Mithridates occupies Cappadocia; speech of Pelopidas
16: Speech of Pelopidas
First Mithridatic War
17: Outbreak of war
18: Nicomedes defeated
19: Collapse of the Roman forces
20: Surrender of Oppius
21: Death of Manius Aquilius
4 22: Sulla sent to Asia
23: Massacre of Romans in Asia
24: Siege of Rhodes
25: Naval engagements off Rhodes
26: Unsuccessful attack on the Rhodian city walls
27: Winter operations
5 28: Athens supports Mithridates; digression on philosophers
29: Quintus Braetius Sura
30: Sulla besieges Piraeus
31: Archelaus makes a sally
32: Fighting near the walls of Piraeus
33: Sulla sends Lucullus to procure ships
34: The siege continued
35: Famine in Athens
36: Fighting underground
37: Sulla repulsed from Piraeus
6 38: Cannibalism in Athens; the city captured
39: Capture of the Acropolis
40: Continued siege of Piraeus
41: Destruction of Piraeus
42: Battle of Chaeronea
43: Battle of Chaeronea
44: The Romans take Archelaus' camp
45: Slaughter of the Pontians
7 46: Mithridates' countermeasures
47: Fate of Chios
48: Resistance against Mithridates
49: Battle of Orchomenus
50: Fighting during the night
8 51: Sulla declared a public enemy
52: Flaccus replaced by Fimbria
53: Sack of  Ilium
54: Negotiations between Archelaus and Sulla
55: Terms of treaty
56: Negotiations between Mithridates and Sulla
57: Speech of Sulla
58: Speech of Sulla; Peace of Dardanus
9 59: Despair of Fimbria
60: Fimbria's suicide
61: Sulla settles Asia
62: Sulla's speech to the Ephesians
63: Sulla collects a fine; piracy
Second Mithridatic War
64: Causes of the Second Mithridatic War
65: Mithridates appeals to Rome and defeats Murena
66: Sulla orders Murena's withdrawal
10 67: Mithridates and Tigranes
68: Mithridates and Sertorius
Third Mithridatic War
69: Mithridates' preparations
70: Speech of Mithridates
71: Invasion of Bithynia
11 72: Lucullus outmaneuvers Mithridates
73: Mithridates besieges Cyzicus
74: Defense of the city
75: Battle at the Rhyndacus
76: Mithridates gives up the siege of Cyzicus
77: Roman naval offensive in the Aegean
78: Lucullus besieges towns in Pontus
12 79: Lucullus invades Pontus
80: Fight for Cabira
81: Panic in the camp of Mithridates
82: Mithridates takes refuge with Tigranes
83: Lucullus reorganizes the conqered cities
84: Lucullus invades Armenia
85: Battle of Tigranocerta
86: Capture of Tigranocerta
13 87: Tigranes collects a new army
88: Mithridates returns to Pontus
89: Triarius defeated near Zela
90: Recall of Lucullus
14 91: Pompey invested with the command
92: Digression on the Cilician pirates
93: Digression on the Cilician pirates
94: The Lex Gabinia
95: Pompey attacks the Cilician pirates
96: Pompey defeats the pirates
15 97: The Lex Manilia
98: Pompey invades Pontus
99: Retreat of Mithridates
100: Pompey overtakes and defeats Mithridates
101: Mithridates' plans
102: Mithridates in the Crimea
103: Pompey in the Caucasus
104: Surrender of Tigranes
105: Pompey's arrangements
16 106: Other Wars of Pompey
107: Mithridates at Panticapaeum
108: Revolt against Mithridates
109: New plans of Mithridates
110: Conspiracy of Pharnaces
111: Death of Mithridates
112: Necrology of Mithridates
113: Mithridates' funeral
17 114: Pompey reorganizes the East
115: New cities
116: Pompey's triumph
117: Pompey's captives
118: Subject nations
119: Size of the Mithridatic war
120: Caesar's war against Pharnaces
121: Later history of Pontus

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