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Bust of Apries or Amasis. Louvre, Paris (France). Photo Marco Prins.Bust of Apries or Amasis (Louvre, Paris) Apries: pharaoh of the Saite dynasty, ruler of Egypt from 589 to 567.

Egyptian names: Ha'a'ibra Wahibra

Successor of: Psammetichus II


  • father: Psammetichus II
  • wife: Takheredeneset
  • daughter: Khetbeneit-erboni II (?)

Main deeds:

  • 589: Succeeds his father, who had refused to intervene in the Babylonian Empire
  • Apries starts to support the Phoenician cities and Judah against Babylonia; Sidon is captured
  • 587: King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia captures Jerusalem; an Egyptian army is defeated (Jeremiah, 37.5-11) king Zedekiah is taken to Mesopotamia; the prophet Jeremiah escapes to Egypt; many Judaeans become mercenaries in the Egyptian army (in Daphnae and Elephantine)
  • 586?: Ankhnes-Neferibre, a sister of Apries, is made "god's wife of Amun" in Thebes
  • 570: The Libyan tribal lkeader Adikran requests support against the Greeks from Cyrene; this creates tensions in Egypt between Libyan and Greek settlers
  • The Egyptian expeditionary force is defeated at Thestis; the army makes its general Amasis king, who is accepted as co-ruler
  • 568/567: Unsuccessful Babylonian invasion, led by Nebuchadnezzar II
  • 567: Civil war; Apries is killed by soldiers of Amasis in the battle of Mompemhis


  • Herodotus mentions the "great and splendid palace of Apries" in Sais
  • Temple of Thoth at Hermopolis Parva
  • Building works in the Ptah temple at Memphis
  • The fort of Memphis converted into a palace
  • Temple built by Siamun at Tanis is replaced
  • A sanctuary, dedicated to Osiris (but in fact the tomb of king Djer of the First Dynasty), repaired at Abydos
  • New Banebdjed temple at Mendes (built 570-567)
Succeeded by: Amasis, the online home of Ancient Warfare magazine

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