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Bust of Arcadius. Forum of Theodosius, Constantinople; Arkeoloji Müzesi, İstanbul (Turkey). Photo Marco Prins.
Bust of Arcadius. Forum of Theodosius, Constantinople (Arkeoloji Müzesi, İstanbul)
Arcadius: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (383-408).


  • 377: Flavius Arcadius 
  • 19 January 383: Flavius Arcadius Augustus
  • 1 May 408: natural death
co-emperor of Honorius; ruled in the east

Successor of: Theodosius I


Main deeds:
  • 395, 17 January: Death of Theodosius I; Arcadius and Honorius succeed their father; Alaric marches into Greece
  • 395, 27 April: Marries Eudoxia
  • 395, 27 November: Rufinus killed; Arcadius' main adviser is Eutropius
  • 396 Arcadius consul IV (with Honorius III); Alaric repelled by Stilicho
  • 397 Birth of Flacilla
  • 398 Patriarch Nectarius dies; succeeded by John Chrysostom
  • 399 Revolt of Visigothic settlers in Phrygia; conspiracy of Gainas; fall of Eutropius; in the Sasanian Empire, Bahram IV is succeeded by Yazdgard I; birth of Pulcheria
  • 400 Gainas in Constantinople; praetorian prefect Aurelian exiled; Gainas unable to control the city; streetfights; Gainas leaves; return of Aurelian
  • 401 The Hunnish leader Uldin kills Gainas; birth of Theodosius and Flacilla
  • 402 Consul V (with Honorius V)
  • 403 Theodosius II consul (with Flavius Rumoridus); John Chrysostom sent into exile by Eudoxia, but returns immediately
  • 404, 24 June: John Chrysostom again exiled; H. Sophia burns down
  • 404, 6 October: Death of Eudoxia
  • 405 Anthemius appointed praetorian prefect 
  • 406 Consul VI (with Flavius Anicius Petronius Probus); Honorius and pope Innocentius demand John's return; Arcadius ignores their embassy
  • 407 Theodosius II consul II (with Honorius VII)
  • 407, September: death of John Chrysostom
  • 408, 1 May: Death of Arcadius; Anthemius is guardian of Theodosius II
Buildings: Succeeded by: Theodosius II

Contemporary events:

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