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30th Dynasty (Sebennytians)

Thirtieth or Sebennytian Dynasty: last dynasty of indepent Egypt, ruling from 379/378 until the Achaemenid reconquest in 343 BCE.

Nectanebo I

The kings of this dynasty had to defend the independence of Egypt against the Persian Achaemenenids, who had not accepted the lost of this part of their empire. Employing Greek mercenaries, who demanded payment in coins (the first to be minted in the country of the Nile), and with the Libyan tribes as their allies, the Egyptian rulers managed to keep their enemies away. The economy was sufficiently well-organized to allow the kings of the Thirtieth Dynasty to restore and expand several ancient sanctuaries (e.g., Siwa).

Faced with an Achaemenid invasion that he could not ward off, king Nectanebo II retreated to Nubia. The new Persian rulers remained impopular and Egypt would soon be conquered by the Macedonian king Alexander the Great (332/331).

The kings of the Thirtieth Dynasty resided in Sebennytus in Lower Egypt.

Kheperkare Nakhtnebef (Nectanebo I)


Irmaatenra Djeho (Teos)


Nakhthorhebe (Nectanebo II)


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