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Psammetichus II

Psammetichus II: pharaoh of the Saite dynasty, ruler of Egypt from 595 to 589.

Psammetichus II
Psammetichus II

Egyptian names: Neferibra Psamtik II

Successor of: Necho II


Main deeds


  • Obelisk of Psammetichus IIContinued building activity at the temple of Neith in Sais
  • Two obelisks at Heliopolis (one of them brought to Rome by the emperor Augustus, and used as a sun dial)
  • A temple at Karnak
  • Repairs at the temple of Khnum at Elephantine
  • Two obelisks at Abydos
  • A kiosk at Philae, the first monument on this island
  • The temple of Hibis in the Kharga oasis (finished by Darius I or Darius II)
Succeeded by: Apries

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