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Attalus I Soter

King Attalus I Soter of Pergamon. Berlin (Germany). Photo Marco Prins.
King Attalus I Soter (Altes Museum, Berlin)
Attalus I Soter: Attalid king of Pergamon, ruled 241-197.

Successor of: Eumenes I


Main deeds:

  • 270/269: Born
  • Adopted by Eumenes I
  • 241: Succeeds to the throne
  • He refuses to pay tribute to the Galatians and defeats them near Pergamon; from now on, the Attalids present themselves as protectors of Greece against the barbarians; Attalus accepts the surname Soter, 'Savior'.
  • 240: Outbreak of civil war in the Seleucid Empire; of Seleucus II Callinicus is challenged by Antiochus Hierax, who is defeated by Attalus. Until 227, the frontier of his zone of influence is at the Taurus.
  • Seleucus III Keraunos and his general Achaeus start to push back Attalus.
  • Attalus, employing Galatian mercenaries, conquers Greek towns along the southern shore of the Black Sea.
  • 222: Death of Seleucus III; Achaeus proclaims himself king.
  • 216: Attalus concludes an alliance with the Seleucid king Antiochus III the Great against Achaeus.
  • 211: Attalus allies himself to the Aetolian League and (indirectly) to Rome, which is at war with the Carthaginians (Hannibal) and king Philip V of Macedonia. Pergamon acquires the isle of Aegina.
  • 209: Attalus captures Oreus on Euboea, but is attacked at home by king Prusias I of Bithynia.
  • 205: Peace of Phoenice between Macedonia and Rome, and between Bithynia and Pergamon.
  • 204: The stone of Cybele sent to Rome
  • 201: Philip V of Macedonia invades the Pergamene kingdom; undecided naval battle near Chios; Attalos asks Rome for support, and concludes an alliance with Athens and Rhodes, which is supported by the Romans, who launch the Second Macedonian War.
  • During this war, Attalus captures Oreus again and also obtains Andros.
  • 197: Attempt to win over Boeotia for the Roman-Pergamene coalition; during a speech, Attalus has a heart attack; he dies in Pergamon and is succeeded by his son.
Succeeded by: Eumenes II Soter, the online home of Ancient Warfare magazine

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