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Faravahar, the visual aspect of Ahuramazda. Relief from Persepolis. Photo Marco Prins.
Faravahar, the visual aspect
of Ahuramazda. Relief from

The Gâthâ's

Y 29 Zarathustra is called
Y 28 Prayers for Grace and for the words of revelation
Y 30 The doctrine of dualism (quote)
Y 31 The progress and struggles of the new faith
Y 32 The struggle continued
Y 33 Prayers, hope and self-consecration
Y 34 Promise of gifts to the believers

Y 43 Salvation for the believers (quote)
Y 44 Questions to Ahuramazda
Y 45 The doctrine of dualism
Y 46 Personal sufferings, hopes and appeals
Y 47 The beautifulness of Ahuramazda
Y 48 Anticipated struggles; prayers for champions and defenders
Y 49 Reverses and hopes
Y 50 Sequel to Y 49
Y 51 Instruction and appeals to an assembly of the faithful
Y 53 Conclusion

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The Yasna

Y  1 The sacrifice commences
Y  2 The sacrifice continues
Y  3 Naming of the objects of propitiation
Y  4 The offering takes place
Y  5 = Y 37
Y  6 The sacrifice continues
Y  7 Presentation of the offerings
Y  8 The meat offering; the faithful partake
Y  9 Haoma
Y 10 Sequel to Y 9
Y 11 Prelude to the haoma offering
Y 12 The 'Zoroastrian creed'
Y 13 Invocations and dedications
Y 14 Dedications
Y 15 The sacrifice continues
Y 16 The sacrifice continues
Y 17 To fire, waters and plants
Y 18 A fragment
Y 19 Zand (quote)
Y 20 Zand
Y 21 Zand
Y 22 The sacrifice continues
Y 23 The souls of the saints
Y 24 Presentations
Y 25 Sequel of Y 24
Y 26 Praise to the souls
Y 27 Prelude to the chief recital of the Gâthâ's

Y 35 The Yasna of the seven chapters: praise to Ahuramazda
Y 36 To Ahuramazda and fire
Y 37 To Ahuramazda, the holy creation, the souls of the just,
         and the Holy Immortals
Y 38 To the earth and the sacred waters
Y 39 To the soul of the kine
Y 40 Prayers for helpers
Y 41 To Ahuramazda
Y 42 Sequel to Y 35

Y 52 Prayer to Sanctity
Y 54 Sacrificial prayer
Y 55 The worship of the Gâthâ's as concluded,
         that of Obedience as beginning
Y 56 Introduction
Y 57 To Obedience
Y 58 Prayer of a herdsman
Y 59 Mutual blessings
Y 60 Prayer for the dwelling of the sacrificer
Y 61 Sequel to Y 60
Y 62 To fire
Y 63 A florilegium
Y 64 A florilegium
Y 65 To the goddess Anahita and the waters
Y 66 To a divine being (Anahita?)
Y 67 = Y 23
Y 68 To the goddess Anahita and the waters
Y 69 A florilegium
Y 70 To the beautiful immortals
Y 71 Conclusion

A modern portrait of Zarathustra.
Modern portrait of Zarathustra, inspired by Ahuramazda's dress on a relief of Taq-e Bostan

The Yasts

  1. The names of Ahuramazda
  2. To the Amesha Spentas
  3. Praise of the god Airyama
  4. To the genius of health and the waters
  5. To the goddess Anahita
  6. To the Sun
  7. To the Moon
  8. To Sirius
  9. To Iranian heroes
  10. To the god Mithra
  11. To the angel Sraosha
  12. To genius of truth
  13. To the people's inner power
  14. To the genius of victory
  15. To the genius that gives good abodes and pastures
  16. To the personification of Zoroastrian law
  17. To piety
  18. To truthfulness
  19. To the genius of the earth
  20. To the star Vanant
  21. A fragment
  22. To the fate of the faithful
  23. Zarathustra's blessing of Hystaspes
  24. Exhortations

The Vendidad

  • Fargard 1: Enumeration of the sixteen lands created by Ahuramazda, and of the sixteen plagues created by Angra Mainyu (quote)
  • Fargard 2: Myths of Yima
  • Fargard 3: The earth
  • Fargard 4: Contracts and outrages
  • Fargard 5: Purity laws
  • Fargard 6: Purity laws
  • Fargard 7: Purity laws
  • Fargard 8: Purity laws
  • Fargard 9: The nine nights' cleaning ritual
  • Fargard 10: Spells recited during the ritual of cleansing
  • Fargard 11: Special spells for the cleansing of several objects
  • Fargard 12: Periods of cleansing
  • Fargard 13: The dog
  • Fargard 14: The atonement for the murder of a water dog
  • Fargard 15: Diverse subjects
  • Fargard 16: On the uncleanness of women
  • Fargard 17: Hair and nails
  • Fargard 18: Diverse subjects
  • Fargard 19: Angra Mainyu, Zarathustra and Ahuramazda
  • Fargard 20: The origin of medicine
  • Fargard 21: Waters and light
  • Fargard 22: Angra Mainyu creates 99,999 diseases; Ahuramazda applies for healing to the Holy Word and to Airyaman 

These titles were taken from the translation of the Avesta by James Darmesteter and L.H. Mills in Max Müller (ed.): Sacred Books of the East, vols. IV (The Zend-Avesta, part 1), XXIII  (The Zend-Avesta, part 2), XXXI (The Zend-Avesta, part 3).
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