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Cleopatra Berenice III

Cleopatra Berenice III (c.120-80): queen of the Ptolemaic Empire.


Main deeds:

  • c.120: Born
  • 28 June 116: Death of Ptolemy VIII Physcon, who is succeeded by Cleopatra III. She wants to rule with Ptolemy X Alexander, but the Alexandrines force her to accept Ptolemy IX Soter as co-ruler. Ptolemy X is briefly made general of Cyprus.
  • 114: Ptolemy X starts to call himself king
  • October 107: Ptolemy IX is forced to flee to Cyprus; Ptolemy X Alexander finally becomes co-ruler
  • c.105: Birth of Ptolemy XI Alexander, son of Ptolemy X and an unknown lady
  • Ptolemy X Alexander marries Cleopatra Berenice III; they have a daughter
  • 20 February 102: Cleopatra III defeats Ptolemy IX Soter near Pelusium
  • 26 October 101: Ptolemy X Alexander orders the killing of Cleopatra III; Ptolemy X Alexander and Cleopatra Berenice III are now sole rulers
  • 100: Cleopatra Berenice III adopts Ptolemy XI Alexander; the boy is and stays in Greece
  • 88: The Alexandrines expell their king, perhaps because his ties with the Jews were considered to be too close; Ptolemy IX Soter becomes king and defeats Ptolemy X Alexander (October 88)
  • Ptolemy IX marries Cleopatra Berenice III, his daughter, because as wife of Ptolemy X she can offer some legitimation
  • December (?) 88: On Cyprus, Ptolemy X Alexander fights against general Chaereas, is defeated and killed
  • December 81: Death of Ptolemy IX; Cleopatra Berenice III is briefly monarch. 
  • Sulla appoints Ptolemy XI Alexander as king of Egypt.
  • 80: Ptolemy XI Alexander marries Cleopatra Berenice III. After eighteen days, he kills her, and is immediately lynched by the Alexandrine mob.

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