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Replica of the tombstone of a Cananefatic cavalryman. Museum Swaensteyn, Voorburg. Photo Jona Lendering.
Cast of the tombstone of a Cananefatic cavalryman (Museum Swaensteyn)
Cananefates: tribal formation in the west of the Roman province of Germania Inferior.
  • Also spelled Cannenefates; prounounced with /H/
  • Lived on the fertile sandy soils between the dunes and the peat bogs of the modern Dutch province Zuid Holland; between the estuaries of the Rhine and the Meuse (Helinium)
  • Etymologies based on /konijn/, 'dune rabbit', are incorrect because this animal has not been living in Holland until the Middle Ages
  • According to the Roman historian Tacitus, the Cananefates were closely related to the Batavians, spoke a similar language, and were equally courageous (Histories, 4.15.1); this implies descent from the Chatti
  • Cf. religion: Hiannanefatic Mothers
  • Cf. Pliny the Elder, Natural History, 4.101.
  • Subjected by Tiberius (Velleius Paterculus, Roman History, 2.105.1)
  • Several auxiliary units in the Roman army
  • c.40, reign of Caligula: visit by the emperor; founding of Praetorium Agrippinae; jokes by a Cananefatian leader
  • Other towns: Lugdunum, Matilo
  • Capital: Municipium Cananefatium (Voorburg)
  • Corbulo: Gannascus, commanded a band of Chauci, who lived on the shores of the Wadden Sea in what is now the Dutch province of Groningen and the German Ostfriesland.
  • Canal of Corbulo
  • c.70: Batavian revolt: Brinno; attacks by Claudius Labeo
  • Start of romanization; cf. Rijswijk-De Bult
  • Soldiers served along the Danube (Carnuntum) and in Numidia
  • c.120: Voorburg >> Forum Hadriani
  • c.250: aggressive sea; c.270 abandoned, the online home of Ancient Warfare magazine
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