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Bust of Carinus. Centrale Montemartini, Rome (Italy). Photo Jona Lendering.
Carinus (Centrale Montemartini, Roma)
Carinus: emperor of the Roman world (283-285).


  • ±250: Marcus Aurelius Carinus
  • November 282: Marcus Aurelius Carinus Caesar 
  • Spring 283: Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Carinus Augustus 
  • September 285: killed by an officer
Successor of: Carus


  • father: Carus
  • married to: Magnia Urbica
  • children: Nigrinianus

Main deeds:

  • 282 proclaimed caesar by his father Carus
  • 283 Consul (with Carus II); co-ruler; joins Carus' Sarmatian campaign; accepts the title Germanicus maximus; accepts the title Persicus maximus; death of Carus; accepts his brother Numerianus as co-ruler; war against the Quadi
  • 284 Consul II (with Numerianus); accepts the title Britannicus maximus; death of Numerianus
  • 285 Consul III (with Titus Claudius Marcus Aurelius Aristobulus); Defeats the usurper Julianus, who had succeeded Numerianus; defeats the usurper Diocletianus, but is killed by his soldiers
  • Damnatio memoriae
Succeeded by: Maximianus


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