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Chronicle of Enlil-nirari

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  The Chronicle of Enlil-nirari is the obverse of a tablet from Aššur that contained an Assyrian chronicle; the Chronicle of Tiglath-pileser I  may have been part of the same tablet. It describes the relations between Assyria and Babylonia during the reign of Enlil-nirari (1318-1308).

For a very brief introduction to the literary genre of chronicles, go here.  More information can be found in Jean-Jacques Glassner, Mesopotamian Chronicles (Atlanta, 2004), in which this is text CM 11.


1 [...] Enlil-nirari [...]
2 the [...] of the land of Kilizi [...]
3 During the limmu-ship of Silli-Adad, Enlil-nirari, king of Assyria,
4 conquered and plundered [...]
5 Kurigalzu II (1333-1308), king of Karduniaš,
6 He set out to Kilizi [...]
7 he heard and [...] on Kilizi, in order to
8 Kurigalzu, king of Karduniaš,
9 he heard and when [...]
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