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Claudius II Gothicus

Claudius II Gothicus. Coin from the Archaeological Museum of Antalya (Turkey). Photo Jona Lendering.
Claudius II Gothicus (Archaeological Museum, Antalya)
Claudius II Gothicus: emperor of the Roman world (268-270).


  • 10 May 214: full name unknown 
  • September/October 268: Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Claudius Augustus
  • First half September 270: natural death
Successor of: Gallienus

Main deeds:

  • 214 Born in Illyricum?
  • Military tribune during the reign of Decius
  • 268 Proclaimed emperor after the murder of Gallienus; puts Aureolus to death; defeats the Alamans in northern Italy; accepts the title Germanicus maximus
  • 268/269 Brief stay in Rome; accepts the title Gothicus maximus
  • Marmarian War (Cyrenaica); Cyrene refounded as Claudiopolis
  • 269 Consul (with Paternus); decisive victory over the Visigoths at Naissus; the Heruli sack Athens; Palmyrene Empire breaks with Rome
  • 270 Accepts the title Parthicus maximus; succumbs to the Plague in Sirmium; his brother Quintillus is unable to establish himself and is succeeded by Aurelian
Succeeded by: Quintillus, Aurelian

Contemporary events:



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