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Bust of Constans. Louvre, Paris (France). Photo Marco Prins.
Constans (Louvre, Paris)
Constans: emperor of the Roman world (337-350).


  • 320 or 323: Flavius Constans 
  • 25 December 333: Flavius Constans Caesar
  • 9 September 337: Flavius Claudius Constans Augustus 
  • April 340: Flavius Claudius Constans Maximus Victor ac Triumphator Augustus 
  • 18 January 350: murdered by courtiers
Successor of: Constantine I the Great
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Statue of a Roman emperor, probably Constans, from the Roman villa in Messene. Museum of Messene (Greece). Photo Jan van Vliet.
Statue of a Roman emperor, probably Constans, from the Roman villa in Messene.


Main deeds:

  • 335 Send to Italy by Constantine I the Great
  • 336? Engagement to Olympias, daughter of Ablabius, praetorian prefect
  • 337 Succeeds his father as ruler in Italy; his brothers Constantinus II and Constantius II receive the west and the east
  • 338 Meets the other rulers in Viminacium; victorious against the Sarmatians; accepts the titles Sarmaticus Maximus 
  • Consul (with Constantius II)
  • 340 War with his brother Constantinus II, who is defeated near Aquileia; accepts the title Maximus Victor ac Triumphator
  • 341 War against the Franks in Gaul
  • 342 Consul II (with Constantius II consul II) Frankish victory
  • 343 Visits Britain
  • 346 Consul III (with Constantius II consul III)
  • 350 Insurrection of Magnentius; Constans killed
New legions: I Iulia Alpina; II Iulia Alpina; III Iulia Alpina.


Contemporary events: Succeeded by: Magnentius


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