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Constantinus II

Coin of Constantine II. Bode-Museum, Berlin (Germany). Photo Jona Lendering.
Coin of Constantine II (Bode-Museum, Berlin)
Constantinus II: emperor of the Roman world (337-340).


  • 7 Augustus 316: Flavius Claudius Constantinus 
  • 1 March 317: declared caesar
  • 9 September 337: Flavius Claudius Constantinus Augustus 
  • Early April 340: killed in action
Successor of: Constantine I the Great


Main deeds:
  • 317 Declared caesar, together with his halfbrother Crispus and Licinius Junior
  • 320 Consul (with Constantine I the Great VI)
  • 321 Consul II (with Crispus)
  • 324 Consul III (with Crispus)
  • 326 Fall of Crispus
  • 328 War against the Alamans; accepts the title Alamannicus Maximus
  • 329 Consul IV (with Constantine I the Great VIII)
  • 332 Victory over the Visigoths; accepts the title Germanicus Maximus
  • 337 Succeeds his father as ruler in the west; his brothers Constans and Constantius II receive Italy and the east
  • 338 Meets the other rulers in Viminacium; Germanic war; Constans victorious against the Sarmatians; Constantinus accepts the titles Sarmaticus Maximus
  • 340 Invades Italy; defeated by troops of Constans
  • Damnatio memoriae
Succeeded by: Constans
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