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Lucius Verus

Lucius Verus (from an anonymous German art collection). Photo Jona Lendering.
Lucius Verus (From an anonymous German art collection)
Lucius Verus: emperor of the Roman world (161-169, co-ruler of Marcus Aurelius).

15 December 130: Lucius Ceionius Commodus 
25 February 318: Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus 
7 March 161: Imperator Caesar Lucius Aurelius Verus 
January (?) 169: natural death

Successor of: Antoninus Pius


  • father: Lucius Ceionius Commodus (= Lucius Aelius)
  • mother: Avidia
  • married to: Annia Galeria Lucilla (daughter of Marcus Aurelius)
  • children: Aurelia Lucilla (married to Claudius Pompeianus Quintianus)

Early career:

Main deeds:

  • 161 Consul II (with Marcus Aurelius III); death of Antoninus Pius; Marcus and Lucius become emperors
  • 161, Spring: outbreak of war with the Parthian Empire; destruction of VIII Hispana; debasement of the denarius
  • 162 Lucius proceeds to the east; stays in Athens to be initiated in the Mysteries of Eleusis; arrives in Syria
  • 163 Armenia recovered; marriage with Lucilla
  • 164 Accepts the title Armeniacus; captures the Parthian capital Ctesiphon
  • 165 Outbreak of the Plague
  • 166 Parthians defeated; Romans advance east of the Tigris; return to Rome; triumph; accepts the titles Medicus and Parthicus; birth of a daughter
  • 167 Consul III (with Marcus Ummidius Quadratus); plague reaches Rome
  • 168 Leaves Rome for tour along the Upper Danube; stays in Aquileia
  • 169 Falls ill, returns to Rome, dies

Contemporary events:

  • 165 Execution of Justin Martyr
  • 166 A Roman embassy reaches China



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