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Bust of Domitian. Museo Arqueológico, Sevilla (Spain). Photo Marco Prins.
Domitian (Museo Arqueológico,  Sevilla)
Domitian: emperor of the Roman world (81-96).


  • 24 October 51: Titus Flavius Domitianus 
  • 14 September 81: Imperator Caesar Domitianus Augustus
  • 83: Imperator Caesar Domitianus Germanicus Augustus
  • 18 September 96: murdered by courtiers
Successor of: Titus


Early career:

  • 51 Born in Rome
  • 69 Recognized as caesar
  • 70 Marriage to Domitia Longina
  • 71 Consul suffectus
  • 73 Consul II; birth of a son
  • 75 Consul suffectus III
  • 76 Consul suffectus IV
  • 77 Consul suffectus V
  • 79 Consul suffectus VI; death of Vespasian, accession of Titus
  • 80 Consul VII (with Titus)
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Domitian as Heracles. Gilded statue at the Musei Capitolini, Roma (Italy). Photo Marco Prins.
Domitian as Heracles (Gilded statue at the Musei Capitolini, Rome)

Main deeds:

  • 81 Accession after the unexpected death of Titus
  • 82 Consul VIII (with Titus Flavius Sabinus); dedication of the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus; revaluation of the denarius
  • 83 Consul IX (with Quintus Petilius Rufus II); war against the Chatti; exile and recall of Domitia Longina; death of Titus Flavius Sabinus
  • 84 Consul X (with Gaius Oppius Sabinus)
  • 85 Consul XI; recall of Agricola from Britain; censor perpetuus; the Dacian king Decebalus defeats a Roman army; Domitian to Moesia; debasement of the denarius
  • 86 Consul XII (with Servius Cornelius Dolabella Petronianus); war against the Dacians
  • 87 Consul XIII (with Lucius Volusius Saturninus); Decebalus king of Dacia
  • 88 Consul XIV (with Lucius Minucius Rufus); Ludi Saeculares; Roman victory over Dacians at Tapae
  • 89 Revolt of Lucius Antonius Saturninus at Mainz, repressed by the army of Germania Inferior; renewed war against the Dacians
  • 90 Consul XV (with Marcus Cocceius Nerva II)
  • 92 Consul XVI (with Quintus Volusius Saturninus); palaces on the Palatine completed; Domitian in Pannonia
  • 93 Domitian defeats the Sarmatians; expells the philosophers from Rome (including, perhaps, Nerva); trial of Baebius Massa
  • 95 Consul XVII (with Titus Flavius Clemens); execution of Titus Flavius Clemens
  • 96 Assassinated
  • Damnatio memoriae

Coin of Domitian, celebrating his Germanic victories.
Coin of Domitian: Germania Capta

New legions:
I Minervia

Buildings in Rome: Imperial palaces on the Palatine; Arch of Titus; Temple of Vespasian; Forum Transitorium; Stadion of Domitian; Odeon of Domitian; Temple of the Flavians; Ludus Maximus

Other monuments: Mainz pedestals

Succeeded by: Nerva

Contemporary events:

  • 95 Death of Quintilian
  • 96 Death of Statius


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