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Eumenes II Soter

Head of a Hellenistic ruler, perhaps Eumenes II. National Archaeological Museum, Athens (Greece). Photo Marco Prins.
Head of a Hellenistic ruler, perhaps Eumenes II (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)
Eumenes II Soter: Attalid king of Pergamon, ruled 197-159.

Successor of: Attalus I Soter


Main deeds:

  • Born before 220.
  • 197: His father Attalus I Soter suffers a stroke and makes Eumenes co-ruler; he becomes king in the same year and inherits a policy in which he presents himself as protector of Greece. He also inherits an alliance with Rome.
  • 194: Refuses an alliance with Antiochus III the Great of the Seleucid Empire, and instead provokes the Syrian War, in which he is supported by Rome. Eumenes helps the Romans cross the Hellespont.
  • 192: Attalus II Philadelphus visits Rome and warns against Antiochus III.
  • 189: Battle of Magnesia: Antiochus defeated by the Romans and Pergamenes; Manlius Vulso attacks the Galatians.
  • 188: Peace of Apamea: Rome awards Pergamon large parts of Asia Minor, including Ephesus, Telmessus, and Tralles.
  • 183: War against king Prusias I of Bithynia; although Eumenes is defeated, Roman support gives him in the end victory.
  • 183: Alliance with the towns of Crete.
  • 182-179: War against king Pharnaces of Pontus; territorial gains.
  • 175: Enables the succession of Antiochus IV Epiphanes in the Seleucid Empire.
  • 172: During a visit to Rome, Eumenes, hostile to the Macedonian king Perseus, informs the Senate about Perseus' presumed plans to gain influence in Greece.
  • On his return, Eumenes is attacked near Cirrha, and believed to be death. His brother Attalus becomes king and marries to queen Stratonice. When Eumenes returns, Attalus cedes power; Stratonice returns to her husband
  • 171-168: Rome's Third Macedonian War. No Pergamene successes, and Eumenes is suspected by the Senate. After Rome's victory, the Senate refuses Eumenes' apology.
  • Eumenes defeats the Galatians (Pergamon Altar), whom the Romans force him to leave autonomous (166).
  • 159: Death; he is succeeded by his loyal brother, who remarries queen Stratonice
Succeeded by: Attalus II Philadelphus

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