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Bust of Gallienus. Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis, Brussel (Belgium). Photo Marco Prins.
Gallienus (KMKG, Brussel)
Gallienus: emperor of the Roman world (260-268).


  • 213: Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus
  • September 253: Publius Licinius Gallienus Caesar Augustus 
  • October 253: Imperator Caesar Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus
  • September/October 268: murdered by soldiers
Successor of: Valerian


Main deeds:

  • 213 Born (in Falerii Novi?)
  • 253 Valerian proclaimed emperor; marches on Rome; recognized by the Senate after the death of Aemilianus; Sasanian invasion of Syria; Gothic naval expedition to Asia Minor; appoints Gallienus co-ruler
  • 254 Consul (with Valerian II); Stays in the Balkans; accepts the title Germanicus
  • 255 Consul II (with Valerian III); accepts the title Germanicus maximus
  • 256 Valerianus Junior made caesar
  • 257 Consul III (with Valerian IV); accepts the title Germanicus maximus III and Germanicus maximus IV; Valerian launches persecution of the Christians; accepts the title Dacicus maximus
  • 258 Visits the Rhineland; accepts the title Germanicus maximus V; death of Valerianus Junior
  • 260 Valerian taken captive by Shapur; many usurpations (Macrianus, Quietus and Ballista in the east; Ingenuus and Regalianus in Pannonia); Gallienus accepts the existence of the Palmyrene Empire (Odaenathus) and Gallic Empire (Postumus); Gallienus defeats the Alamans near Milan; puts an end to the persecutions of Christians; loses his son Saloninus; Aureolus defeats Ingenuus
  • 261 Consul IV (with Lucius Petronius Taurus Volusianus); Aureolus defeats Macrianus; Odaenathus takes Emesa and executes Quietus and Ballista; rebellion of Mussius Aemilianus; brief revolt of Piso and Valens in Thessaly
  • 262 Consul V (with Nummius Fausinianus); arrest and execution of Mussius Aemilianus; brief revolt of Aureolus, who surrenders to Gallienus; death of Valerian, still captive; Arch of Gallienus
  • 264 Consul VI (with Saturninus); visits Greece; initiated in the Mysteries; Gallienus' victory over the Sarmatians?; Regalianus killed?
  • 265 Attacks Postumus in Gaul, unsuccessfully
  • 266 Consul VII (with Sabinillus)
  • 267 The Heruli sack Byzantium; Visigoths invade Asia Minor; Odaenathus killed, but succeeded by Vaballathus and Zenobia
  • 268 Defeats the Visigoths and Herulians near Naissus; second revolt of Aureolus in Milan; Gallienus murdered during the siege of Milan, probably together with his wife Salonina
  • succeeded by Claudius II Gothicus
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The arch of Gallienus. Photo Jona Lendering.
The arch of Gallienus

Contemporary events:

  • 258 Martyrdom of Sixtus II and Laurentius
  • 258 (or 259) Martyrdom of Cyprian
  • 268 Synod of Antioch declares Paul of Samosata a heretic
Buildings: Arch of Gallienus

Succeeded by: Claudius II Gothicus


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