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Carvo (Kesteren)

Detail of map of Germania Inferior. Design Jona Lendering.
The location of Carvo (number 15)
Germania inferior: small province of the Roman empire, situated along the Lower Rhine. This webpage is part of a series of short descriptions of villages in Germania inferior. An overview can be found here.

The fortress of Carvo has not been identified, but the modern name Kesteren suggests the presence of an ancient castle (castra). At this place, a Roman cemetery has been excavated (in 1974), whereas the remains of a civil settlement were discovered along the modern Nedereindsestraat. It seems that this village was surrounded by a ditch and was occupied until c.225. The presence of soldiers in the neighborhood can be deduced from graffiti.

Edge of Empire. The book Arjen Bosman and I wrote about Rome's Lower Rhine Frontier.
Edge of Empire. The book Arjen Bosman and I wrote about Rome's Lower Rhine Frontier (order; review)
The site of Carvo? Photo Jona Lendering.
The site of Carvo?
The expression castra suggests that the fort was again in use in late Antiquity, because this was the common name of a military settlement in the fourth century.

Further research will be difficult because the river Rhine has changed its course several times during the past centuries, and probably destroyed the site. If Carvo can indeed be found near Kesteren, the most probable place is west of the modern town, between the Rijnbandijk and the Betuwestraatweg.

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