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Coin of Glycerius.
Glycerius (©!!)
Glycerius: emperor of the West-Roman empire (473-373).


  • date of birth and full name unknown
  • 3/5 March 473: appointed by Gundobad
  • Between 19-24 June 474: taken captive by Julius Nepos, resigned
  • died after 480
Successor of: Olybrius

Main deeds:

  • 472 The military leader of Italy, Ricimer, takes Rome, dethrones Anthemius, and appoints Olybrius, who fails to win recognition from the East-Roman emperor Leo I. Ricimer dies, and Olybrius dies too (both of natural causes).
  • 473 Ricimer's son Gundobad appoints Glycerius, who is not recognized either; instead, Leo sends an army of Ostrogoths (who are bribed to go away)
  • 474 Leo sends a navy, led by Julius Nepos; Glycerius is taken captive and made bishop of Salona
  • 480 Glycerius orders the assassination of Julius Nepos
Succeeded by: Julius Nepos
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