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Gobryas (1)

A Persian nobleman. Terracotta figure from Persepolis. Archaeological museum, Tehran (Iran). Photo Marco Prins.
A Persian nobleman.
Terracotta figure from
Persepolis (Archaeological
, Tehran)
Gobryas (Old Persian Gaubaruva): name of several Persian noblemen, e.g.:

one of the generals of king Cyrus the Great. This Gobryas played an important role in the Persian capture of Babylon in October 539 BCE. According to the Chronicle of Nabonidus (year seventeen), he was governor of Gutium and the first to enter the conquered capital of the Babylonians, where he arrested the last king of Babylonia, Nabonidus and appointed several officials. He died a few weeks later, on 4 March 538. His successor was Nabū-ahhe-bullit, who may -to judge from his name- have been a Babylonian.

There are several documents which are dated to his governorship, including a confusing letter dated in the last days of 535 BCE. This letter suggests that Nabū-achche-bullit was succeeded by another governor named Gobryas.

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