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Gordian III

Bust of Gordian III from Niederbieber. Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn (Germany). Photo Marco Prins.
Bust of Gordian III from Niederbieber (Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn)
Gordian III: emperor of the Roman world (238-244).


  • 20 January 225 or 226: Marcus Antonius Gordianus 
  • 1 February 238: Marcus Antonius Gordianus Caesar 
  • 9 May 238: Imperator Caesar Marcus Antonius Gordianus Pius Felix Augustus 
  • February (?) 244: killed in action
Successor of: Pupienus and Balbinus


Main deeds:

  • 225 or 226: Born in Rome
  • 238 Adopted as caesar by Pupienus and Balbinus, becomes emperor when they are killed
  • 239 Consul (with M' Acilius Aviola)
  • 240 Revolt of Marcus Asinius Sabianus in Carthage; soon suppressed by the governor of Mauretania
  • 241 Consul II (with Clodius Pompeianus); in the Sasanian Empire, Shapur becomes king; Gordianus marries Tranquillina, daughter of Timesitheus, the praetorian prefect
  • 242 Crosses to Asia
  • 243 Beginning of the war against the Sasanian king Shapur I; Timesitheus achieves some successes
  • 244 Reopening of the Gate of Janus; takes part in the Persian war (the philosopher Plotinus belongs to his army); victorious in Mesopotamia, attacks Ctesiphon, defeated, lynched by soldiers
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The horse of Shapur tramples Gordian III. Relief at Bishapur (Iran). Photo Marco Prins.
The horse of Shapur tramples Gordianus III. Relief at Bishapur

III Gallica reconstituted; III Augusta disbanded

Succeeded by: Philippus Arabs, his praetorian prefect

Buidings: expanded barracks for the soldiers of the Misenum navy in Rome


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