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Galla Placidia

Coin of Galla Placidia
Galla Placidia (!!)
Galla Placidia (c.393-450): empress of the West-Roman empire (423-437).


Main deeds:
  • educated by Serena, wife of Stilicho
  • 408: taken captive by the Visigoths of king Alaric
  • 410: Visigoths sack Rome; death of Alaric, who is succeeded by Athaulf
  • 414: princess Galla Placidia is forced to marry king Athaulf
  • 415: death of their new-born son Theodosius, and his father
  • 416: Visigoths and Romans conclude a treaty; Galla Placidia, now widow, returns to the imperial court
  • 417: Her half-brother, the emperor Honorius, marries her to general commander Constantius, who is recognized as emperor (Constantius III) in 421. Galla Placidia is called Augusta. Constantius soon dies
  • 423: Galla Placidia is exiled to Rome, but she and her young son Valentinian move to Constantinople; Valentinian engaged to Eudoxia III (daughter of Theodosius II); death of Honorius, usurpation of Johannes; Theodosius II immediately recognizes Valentinian as emperor in the west
  • 425: Johannes killed by East-Roman troops; he is succeeded by Valentinian as emperor, but Galla Placidia is the real ruler in the western half of the Roman empire
  • 437: Valentinian marries Eudoxia; Galla Placidia retires
  • 27 November 450: Galla Placidia dies
Buildings: The name of Galla Placidia is connected to a mausoleum in Ravenna, which is, however, not her resting place.
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