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Bust of Honorius. Musei Capitolini, Roma (Italy). Photo Marco Prins.
Honorius (Musei Capitolini, Rome)
Honorius: emperor of the West-Roman empire (395-423).

9 September 384: Flavius Honorius 
January 393: Flavius Honorius Augustus
15 August 423: natural death

co-emperor of Arcadius; ruled in the west

Successor of: Theodosius I


  • father: Theodosius I
  • mother: Aelia Flacilla
  • first wife: Maria, daughter of Stilicho
  • second wife: Thermantia, daughter of Stilicho
Main deeds:
  • 395 Death of Theodosius I; Honorius and Arcadius succeed their father
  • 396 Honorius consul III (with Arcadius IV)
  • 398 Consul IV (with Flavius Eutychianus); marries Maria, daughter of Stilicho
  • 401 Alaric's Visigoths invade Italy
  • 402 Consul V (with Arcadius V); undecided battle between Stilicho and Alaric at Pollentia; the Visigoths return
  • 404 Consul VI (with Aristaenetus); triumph of Honorius; imperial residence moved from Rome to Ravenna
  • 405 Radagaisus invades Italy
  • 406 Vandals, Alans, Sueves invade Gaul; Stilicho destroys the army of Radagaisus
  • 407 Consul VII (with Theodosius II consul II); in Britain, Constantinus III is proclaimed emperor; he withdraws all Roman troops from the island
  • 408: Death of the empress Maria; Honorius remarries to her younger sister Thermantia
  • 408, 1 May: Death of Arcadius; Theodosius II becomes emperor in the east
  • 408, 23 August: murder of Stilicho
  • The Visigoths invade Italy
  • 409 Consul VIII (with Theodosius II consul III); Vandals settle in [V]Andalusia
  • 410 Visigoths capture Rome; death of Alaric; Britain evacuated
  • 411 Consul IX (with Theodosius II consul V); general Constantius defeats Constantinus III
  • 412 Alaric's successor Athaulf leaves Italy
  • 414 Athauf marries Galla Placidia; invades Hispania
  • 415 Consul X (with Theodosius II consul VI); Death of Athaulf; Death of the empress Thermantia
  • 417 Consul XI (with Constantius) Galla Placidia marries Constantius
  • 418 Consul XII (with Theodosius II consul VIII); Visigoths settled in Aquitania; Assembly of the Seven Provinces in Gaul; Jews expelled from the army in Italy
  • 421 Constantius ("Constantius III") made co-ruler of Honorius; the new emperor dies after half a year
  • 422 Consul XIII (with Theodosius II consul X)
  • 423 Natural death
Buildings: Improved walls for Rome; palaces Ravenna

Contemporary events:

  • 397 Death of Ambrose
  • 404 Last gladiator competition in Rome; death of Claudian
  • 405 Burning of the Sibylline books
  • 417 Council of Carthage: Pelagianism condemned
  • 420 Death of Orosius
  • 422 Foundation of Venice (traditional date)
Succeeded by: Johannes and Valentinian III
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