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Coin of Jovian.
Jovian (!!)
Jovian: emperor of the Roman world (363-364).


  • 331: Jovianus (born in Singidunum)
  • 27 June 363: Flavius Jovianus Augustus
  • 17 February 364: natural death?
Successor of: Julianus Apostata


  • father: Varronianus
  • married to: Charito
  • children: Varronianus
Main deeds:
  • 363 Death of Julianus Apostata; Jovian proclaimed emperor. He inherits the unsuccessful Persian war and concludes a peace treaty with the Sasanian king Shapur II, in which for the first time territories in the east are given up (including Nisibis)
  • 364 Consul (with his son Varronianus ; they accept the honors in Ancyra); proceeds to Constantinople but dies in Dadastana
Succeeded by: Valentinian I
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