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Justin I

Justin I. Coin from the Archaeological Museum of Antalya (Turkey). Photo Jona Lendering.
Justin I (Coin from the Archaeological Museum of Antalya).
Justinus: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (518-527).


  • c.450: Justinus
  • 10 July 518: recognized as emperor
  • 1 August 527: natural death
Successor of: Anastasius I


  • married to: Luppicina (throne name Euphemia)
Main deeds:
  • 518 Succeeded Anastasius I, who died without son; recognized by army and Senate; crowned by patriarch
  • Reign coincides with the second reign of the Sasanian king Kavad I
  • Active policy against monophysitism
  • 519 Consul (with Flavius Eutharicus Cillica); Justin accepts that the excommunication of Acacius had been justified; end of the Acacian Schism
  • 524 Consul II (with Venantius Opilio) 
  • 525 Death of Theodoric
  • 526 War breaks out with the Sasanian Empire ("Iberian War")
  • 527 Succeeded by his relative Justinian
Buildings: Constantinople: St. Polyeuktos

Contemporary events:

  • 524 Theodoric orders the execution of Boethius
Succeeded by: Justinian

According to Procopius, Justin was illiterate (Secret History, 6.12).

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