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Justin II

Coin of Justin II
Justin II (!!)
Justinus II: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (565-578).


  • c.510: born
  • 15 November 565: recognized as emperor
  • 5 October 578: natural death
Successor of: Justinian


  • mother: Vigilantia, sister of Justinian
  • married to: Sophia
Main deeds:
  • 552: becomes an important courtier (cura palatii) and de facto co-regent of Justinian
  • 568: Langobards invade Italy; the Visigoths in Spain start to attack Byzantine possessions in Andalusia
  • 569/570: Death of the Ghassanid leader Harith; he is succeeded by Mundhir
  • 572: Outbreak of war against the Sasanian Persians
  • 573, November: Persians seize Dara on the Tigris
  • 574: Justin starts to suffer from a mental illness; adoption of Tiberius II
Contemporary events:
  • 565 Corippus writes a laudatory poem on Justin's accession
Succeeded by: Tiberius II
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