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Legio I Flavia Gallicana Constantia

Bust of Constantius Chlorus. Altes Museum, Berlin (Germany). Photo Jona Lendering.
Constantius Chlorus (Altes Museum, Berlin)
Legio I Flavia Gallicana Constantia: one of the legions of the later Roman empire. Its name means 'the reliable Flavian legion from Gaul'.

This legion is mentioned in the late-antique text known as Notitia Dignitatum as one of the units belonging to the field army that was stationed in Gaul. The name suggests that it was founded by Constantius I Chlorus (293-306), who belonged to the Flavian family, and it has been assumed that its first assignment was to protect Armorican coast.

This legion is not to be confused with I Flavia Constantia, which served in the east.

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