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Legio I Macriana Liberatrix

Coin of Lucius Clodius Macer. British Museum, London (Britain). Photo Marco Prins.
Lucius Clodius Macer
(British Museum, London)
Legio I Macriana Liberatrix: one of the Roman legions. Its name means 'Macer's liberator'.

This legion was recruited in 68 by Lucius Clodius Macer, the governor of Africa, who wanted to use it, together with III Augusta,  in the struggle against the emperor Nero. After his suicide, the new emperor Galba distrusted Macer and ordered the procurator Trebonius Garutianus to kill the commander of the two legions - which he did. The new legion was disbanded.

It is likely that Vitellius, who succeeded Galba in 69, briefly recreated the legion. However, his death and the accession of Vespasian meant the end of the attempt to build a second African legion.


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