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Legio I Martia

Bust of Diocletian. Arkeoloji Müzesi, İstanbul (Turkey). Photo Marco Prins.
Bust of Diocletian (Arkeoloji Müzesi, İstanbul)
Legio I Martia: one of the legions of the later Roman empire. Its name means that the legion was dedicated to the Roman war god Mars.

The only unambiguous evidence for the existence of this legion consists of one drawing of an inscription that is now lost. It mentions the building of a fortress in the province of Valeria (western Hungary) in 48 days in the year 371. It is likely that the legion is identical to the Martenses that are mentioned as part of the Illyrian field army in about 400 CE. It is likely that the legion was founded by Diocletian.

It is possible that this legion had the surname Victrix.

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