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Libius Severus

Gold piece of Libius Severus.
Libius Severus (©!!)
Libius Severus: emperor of the West-Roman empire (461-465).

year of birth and full name unknown
19 November 461: recognized as emperor
after 25 September 465: murdered by Ricimer?

Successor of: Majorian

Relatives: "History has scarcely deigned to notice his birth, his elevation, his character, or his death." (Gibbon)

Main deeds:

  • 461 Put on the throne by Ricimer; he resided in Rome; recognized by the East-Roman emperor Leo I
  • 462 Consul (with Leo I consul II); the Visigoths capture Narbonne
  • 465 Put to death by Ricimer; for some time, there is no successor
Succeeded by: Anthemius
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