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Licinius. Coin from the Bode-Museum, Berlin (Germany). Photo Jona Lendering.
Licinius (Bode-Museum, Berlin)
Licinius: emperor of the Roman world (308-324).


  • 265; real name unknown 
  • 11 November 308: Imperator Caesar Gaius Valerius Licinianus Licinius Augustus Iovius
  • 19 September 324: resigned
  • Spring 325: executed

Main deeds:

  • 308 Appointed by Galerius as augustus in the west; recognized by a meeting of rulers in Carnuntum
  • 309 Consul (with Constantine); in the Sasanian empire, Hormizd II dies and is succeeded by the young Shapur II
  • 310 Defeats the Sarmatians; accepts the titles Germanicus and Sarmaticus
  • 311 Death of Galerius; growing tensions between Licinius and Maximinus Daia; Licinius and Constantine's sister Constantia engaged
  • 312 Consul II (with Constantine II); Constantine attacks and defeats the usurper Maxentius
  • 313 Consul III (with Constantine III); meeting of Licinius and Constantine (Edict of Milan); Licinius defeats his rival Maximinus Daia on the Campus Serenus near Adrianopel
  • 314 Brief conflict with Constantine; execution of Valeria
  • 315 Consul IV (with Constantine IV); accepts the titles Germanicus Maximus and Sarmaticus Maximus
  • 317 Decennalia; Constantine and Licinius declare their sons Crispus and Licinius Junior caesares
  • 318 Consul V (with Crispus) 
  • 319 Licinius Junior consul (with Constantine V)
  • 320 Licinius takes anti-Christian measures
  • 321 Consul VI (with Licinius Junior II)
  • 324 War with Constantine; Licinius' admiral Amandus is defeated by Crispus; Licinius himself suffers defeat  near Adrianopel
  • 324, 18 September: Licinius defeated near Chrysopolis; he resigns, and is exiled to Thessalonica
  • 325 Executed; damnatio memoriae
  • 326 Execution of Licinius Junior
Succeeded by: Constantine I the Great
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