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Coin of Magnentius. Bode-Museum, Berlin (Germany). Photo Jona Lendering.
Coin of Magnentius (Bode-Museum, Berlin)
Magnentius: emperor of the Roman world (350-353).


  • 303: Magnus Magnentius 
  • 18 January 350: Imperator Caesar Magnus Magnentius Augustus
  • 10 August 353: suicide
Successor of: Constans


  • married to: Justina
Main deeds:
  • 350 Proclaimed emperor in Autun; Constans killed; recognized in the west; appoints (his brother?) Decentius as caesar
  • 350/351 Marriage to Justina
  • 351 Consul (with Gaiso); war against Constantius II; defeat near Mursa
  • 352 Decentius consul (with Paulus); Loss of Italy
  • 353 Consul II (with Decentius II); suicide in Lyon; Decentius commits suicide in Sens
Links: Servatius

Succeeded by: Constantius II

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