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Magnus Maximus

Coin of Magnus Maximus. Bode-Museum, Berlin (Germany). Photo Jona Lendering.
Coin of Magnus Maximus (Bode-Museum, Berlin)
Magnus Maximus: emperor of the Roman world (383-388).

full name and date of birth unknown
Spring 383: Magnus Maximus Augustus 
Britannicus maximus
28 July 388: executed

Successor of: Gratianus


  • son: Flavius Victor
  • daughter: Sevira, married to Vitalinus (Vortigern)
  • daughter: Maxima, married to Ennodius
  • grandson: Petronius Maximus (?)
Main deeds:
  • 383 Proclaimed emperor by British troops; Gaul and Spain side with Magnus Maximus; Gratianus captured by Andragathius, an officer of Magnus; executed
  • 384 Consul (only in the west); recognized in the east by Theodosius I; conflict with Martin of Tours (Sulpicius Severus, Life of Saint Martin, 20)
  • 385 Execution of the Christian ascetic Priscillian
  • 387 Magnus Maximus invades Italy; Valentinian II flees to Theodosius I, who promises help
  • 388 Consul II (only in the west); Theodosius defeats Magnus Maximus, who is captured near Aquileia, and executed
Buildings: Trier
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