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Coin of Majorian.
Maiorianus  (©!!)
Majorian: emperor of the West-Roman empire (457-461).


  • c.420: Julius Majorianus
  • 28 December 457: proclaimed emperor
  • 2 July 461: resigned
  • 7 July 461: murdered by Ricimer
Successor of: Avitus (after an interregnum)

Main deeds:

  • 456 The military leader Ricimer forces Avitus to lay down his office
  • 457 There is an interregnum, in which the East-Roman emperor Marcianus dies; he is succeeded by Leo I, who tries to control Italian affairs through Ricimer. He puts Majorian on the throne
  • 458 Consul (with Leo); continued war against the Vandals, but Majorian loses his fleet
  • 459 Ricimer made consul (with Flavius Iulius Patricius)
  • 461 Ricimer, fearing Maiorianus' independence, forces him to resign, and orders his execution (more...)
Contemporary events:
  • Panegyricus by Sidonius Apollinaris
Succeeded by: Libius Severus
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