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Stone sign from a house in Amsterdam. Photo Jona Lendering. No one owns the results of scholarship. They are the possession of humankind. Consequently we don't care too much about the copyright on our own texts and photos. However, other people have valid reasons to insist on what is quite simply theirs. Please read this before you copy a picture from this site.

Most photos were made by Marco Prins and Jona Lendering, who hereby allow you to download, copy, re-format and redistribute the pictures for use on computers, computer networks or as a printed publication, provided that

  • you charge no fees for their distribution,
  • are not a commercial website (with e.g. advertisements),
  • add a working link to (this means that if you want to use it outside the world wide web, you will have to write us).
This also applies for Wikipedia-contributors: please do not describe the picture as "in the public domain" but as "from Livius.Org, with permission".

On request, larger digital files are available to publishers.

The following signs are also relevant:

This also means that the photographer or designer is either Marco Prins or Jona Lendering. Under the conditions mentioned above, you can use their pictures. However, this is the best picture we have, so there's no larger file available.
This means: picture used by permission of the original artist. If he or she has a website, there's a link, where you can ask permission to use it.
This sometimes means that the picture comes from a book (which is mentioned) or was bought from a museum. This means that you have to write to the author of the book or the museum to request permission.

More often, it means that the picture was found somewhere on the internet and is believed to be in the public domain. (If we were able to identify original artists, we have written to their publishers, who did not always respond.) We think this is "fair use", but if you are a copyright owner and disagree, just mail us, so that we can remove a picture.

One final word. This website once started as a small, amateurish site. It is still non-professional and non-commercial, but has become too large to be innocent either. We're aware of the problem and are trying to solve it. For the time being, we have added the sign !!! to indicate problematic pictures. Gradually, we will replace everything by our own content., the online home of Ancient Warfare magazine
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