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Gold coin of Marcianus. Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens (Greece). Photo Marco Prins.
Gold coin of Marcianus (Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens)
Marcianus: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (450-457).


  • 392: Marcianus
  • 25 August 450: recognized as emperor
  • 27 January 457: natural death
Successor of: Theodosius II


  • married to: Second wife: Pulcheria
  • children: A daughter, married to Anthemius
Main deeds:
  • 450 Death of Theodosius II; his sister Pulcheria marries Marcianus, who becomes emperor
  • 451 Consul (with Valerius Faltonius Adelfius)
  • 453 Death of Pulcheria
  • 454 Ostrogoths settled in Pannonia
  • 455 Anthemius is consul; death of Valentinian III in the west (end of the dynasty of Theodosius I); Valentinian is succeeded by Petronius Maximus; sack of Rome by the Vandals; Avitus emperor in the west; Marcianus refuses to recognize the West-Roman emperors
  • 457 Marcian dies without successor; general Aspar appoints Leo
Buildings: Column of Marcianus

Contemporary events:

Succeeded by: Leo I
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