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Coin of Mauricius. Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens (Greece). Photo Marco Prins.
Mauricius (Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens)
Mauricius: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (582-602).


  • birth: 539, born as Flavius Mauricius
  • 13 August 582: recognized as emperor, surnamed Tiberius
  • 22 November 602: dethroned
  • 27 November 602: death
Successor of: Tiberius II


  • father: 
  • married to: Constantia, daughter of Tiberius II
Main deeds:
  • 574: succeeds Tiberius as commander of the guard
  • 577: supreme commander in the Persian War
  • 578: his protector Tiberius becomes emperor
  • 579: in the Sasanian Empire, Hormizd IV succeeds Khusrau I 'deathless soul'; the war is continued
  • 580: victory at Callinicus
  • 581: victory at Constantina
  • 582: triumphal entry in Constantinople; marriage to Constantia; adoption as caesar by Tiberius; succession to the throne
  • 584: the Avars and Slavs invade the Balkans and reach Constantinople
  • 586: the same tribes threaten Thessalonica
  • Reorganization of the western provinces (exarchates of Carthage and Ravenna)
  • 590: in the Sasanian empire, death of Hormizd IV and civil war between Bahram VI and Khusrau II 'the victorious'
  • 591: supported by Maurice, Khusrau defeats Bahram; peace treaty between Constantinople and Persia
  • 598: treaty with the Avars
  • 602: decisive defeat of the Slavs; revolt of Phocas
Succeeded by: Phocas
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