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Maximinus Daia

Coin of Maximinus Daia.
Maximinus Daia (©!!)
Maximinus Daia: emperor of the Roman world (310-313).


  • 20 November 270(??): real name unknown 
  • 1 May 305: Galerius Valerius Maximinus Caesar Iovius 
  • 1 May 310: Imperator Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximinus Augustus
  • Persicus (312), Sarmaticus (313), Germanicus (313) 
  • August 313: natural death
nickname: Daia 


  • children: Maximus, and a daughter who was engaged with Candidianus, a son of Galerius and Valeria (daughter of Diocletian)

Main deeds:

  • 305 Second Tetrarchy: the old emperors Diocletian and Maximianus are succeeded by Galerius and Constantius I Chlorus, who appoint Maximinus Daia and Severus as caesares. Maximinus is responsible for the east, and continues the persecution of Christians.
  • 306 Death of Constantius; his son Constantine recognized as caesar; usurpation of Maxentius in Italy; Galerius and Maximinus Daia do not recognize him, but are unable to support Severus, who is defeated and killed
  • 307 Consul (with Severus II)
  • 310 Maximinus Daia starts using the imperial title
  • 311 Consul II (with Galerius VIII); death of Galerius; Maximinus Daia occupies Asia Minor; growing tensions with Licinius, who allies himself to Constantine; Galerius' wife Valeria flees to Daia, who sends her to Syria
  • 312 War in Armenia; accepts the title Persicus; Constantine attacks and defeats Maxentius
  • 313 Meeting of Licinius and Constantine (Edict of Milan); Licinius attacks Daia, who is defeated near Adrianopel, escapes, but is killed
  • Damnatio memoriae
Succeeded by: Licinius
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