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Sargon II (r) and Sennacherib (l) on a relief from Khorsabad, now in the Louvre, Paris (France). Photo Marco Prins.
Continuity of government:
King Sargon II (right) and
his crown prince Sennacherib
(left) on a relief from
Khorsabad (Louvre)

Ancient kings

On the following pages, you will find chronological tables of the rulers of ancient Mesopotamia. The exact chronology is not always clear. Several problems are discussed here.
  1. Sumerian kings (2700-2300)
  2. Ur, Uruk, Lagaš, and Akkad (2340-2004)
  3. Ur, Mari, Larsa, Isin, Babylon (2004-1595)
  4. The Dark age of Assyria and Babylonia
  5. Assyria, Babylonia, Hittites, Egypt (1400-1300)
  6. Assyria, Babylonia, Hittites, Elam, Egypt (1300-1200)
  7. Assyria, Babylonia, Elam, Egypt (1200-1100)
  8. Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt (1100-970)
  9. Assyria, Babylonia, Israel, Judah, Egypt (970-840)
  10. Assyria, Babylonia, Israel, Judah, Egypt (840-720)
  11. Assyria, Babylonia, Urartu, Elam, Judah, Egypt (722-610)
  12. Babylonia, Medes, Persia, Lydia, Judah, Egypt (625-525)
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