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Later Messiahs (1)

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Asher Lämmlin

Asher Lämmlin was the first Ashkenazic Jew who claimed to be the Messiah. Around 1500, he said he would judge mankind within a few years. After some miracles, his coreligionists started to support this claim; many abandoned their homes and followed him.

Unfortunately, by the winter of 1502/1503 it had become clear that Asher would not be able to keep his promises. Many disappointed followers abandoned Judaism and vconverted to Christianity. In the violent years of the Reformation, some of them were killed by the Inquisition.

Asher Lämmlin (c.1500)
Isaac Luria (1534-1573)
Hayyim Vital (after 1542)
Sabbathai Zwi (1626-1676)
Jacob Frank (1726-1786)
Moses Guibbory (1899-1985)
Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994)
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